"A sports field, soccer shoes and balls are something very special in Ngabobo"

Matias Blasenbreu (37)

“The Maasai have no choice but to find alternatives to their original way of life. A school is very important for developing new perspectives for future generations.”

Carsten Altstadt (30)

Where does
what go:


We want to expand the “Pamoja Secondary School” and thus enable the Maasai girls to attend the school.


With your help we can professionally build a well in the barren volcanic area and thus ensure access to clean drinking water.

3 Football field

The donated artificial turf must be professionally laid. We need advanced equipment for both football fields.

4 camp and equipment

We want to offer more soccer camps for girls and boys in Ngabobo. For this we need more football equipment and room facilities to stay overnight.


On dry land

The Maasai of Ngabobo often still live in remote mud huts in the lowlands on the border with Kenya. The steppe is very dry and is considered one of the poorest regions in the world. Education and health care are by no means a matter of course here. On the contrary: the situation for the Maasai is becoming increasingly difficult there. The government is taking away the land they need to survive. But without enough grazing land for their animals, the Maasai can no longer support themselves. The result is not only a lack of prospects for people, but also the destruction of established structures and the unique nature.

That’s how big our school and sports project area is

Everyone is helping to build the second Kick for Life soccer field

A not everyday alternative for Africa for kicks away from the usual steppe places

The young Maasai receive special support from selection coaches from the Munich football school

We keep
the ball

"If everyone gives a little bit more than they get, then the world would be a better place."

Carsten Altstadt (30)