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"Since I've been in Tanzania, my view of our lives has totally changed."

Carsten Altstadt (30)


Carsten Altstadt is one of the lucky people who have been able to turn their passion into a profession. We are talking about soccer, which has played the leading role in his life, so to speak, since he was six years old. After a serious injury, his professional career could not take off. Therefore, the 30-year-old has now been working as a goalkeeper coach for 15 years, six of them at the Munich Soccer School. It is important to him to see how his trainees develop over the years and hopes to become a mentor to them, as he himself had one for many years. For him, the unifying power of soccer was confirmed once again in Tanzania. The soccer camps and tournaments took place in the spirit of friendship and togetherness – regardless of origin and status. This is another reason why Carsten felt right at home among the Massai. The village of Ngabobo, its children and the experience of how much good can be achieved with relatively little money have stayed with him since his first trip to the area in spring 2020. Ngabobo is now part of the team. “And I happen to be a real team player,” says Carsten.

Matias Blasenbreu

Together you always achieve more than alone. That’s the key insight for Matias Blasenbreu after a long career in soccer that began at TSV Solln and led him to TSV 1860, among other clubs. Today Matias (37) is one of the owners of the Munich Football School. An institution that sees soccer not only as a sport, but also wants to promote social skills through the game. Matias is a man of conviction. What he starts, he follows through – as quickly as possible. A skill that gives him the stamina he needs for the project in Tanzania. The positive feedback of the young Massai on their social engagement, makes it easier for him to use his already scarce free time for a good cause. Matias still has a lot of big plans for “Kick for life”. Every year he wants to start a big soccer campaign in Ngabobo and send junior coaches from the Munich Soccer School to the village as volunteers. “We can’t change the world, but we can definitely make a difference on a small scale,” Matias has been convinced of this since he first visited Ngabobo together with Carsten.

"We have the privilege of being born in Germany, so we should definitely give something back."

Matias Blasenbreu (37)