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A soccer field, a school, a well – help to turn our project … into a success story!

There is so much to do here. It was only here that I really realized how closerly aligned soccer and schoollife is.

Carsten Altstadt (30)

Kick for Life Video Portrait

The ball starts rolling …

The round thing has to go into the square thing. A phrase that has eternal validity in soccer. This is particularly true for the “Football goes Schools” aid project. Read more …

Offer a better future to children in one of the poorest regions of the world.

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Why two MFS soccer
trainers help the young Maasai


Matias Blasenbreu and Carsten Altstadt in a film interview about their project, their experiences and how “Kick for Life” helps.

"We see our commitment as a longer-term project. Things that are quite commonplace for us are not part of normality for the Maasai."

Matias Blasenbreu (37)

We need your help for:

The water supply

A boarding school building for about 80 children

Bunk beds and other furniture


School uniforms and training equipment

Medical care and operations


Lunch for schoolchildren

Tree planting projects

Mother/Child Health Package

"It's a tough world in Tanzania. When we arrived, there was only one soccer ball for everyone."

Matias Blasenbreu (37)

What does Kick for Life do in Ngabobo?

The round thing has to go into the square ting. A sentence that has eternal validity in soccer. “Kick for Life” adheres to that sentence in an extraordinary way. Carsten Altstadt and Matias Blasenbreu from the Munich Football School launched the 2019 project for Maasai children around the remote village of Ngabobo at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro.

After the two soccer coaches built a soccer field there and got the game going at the end of 2020, the project is moving on to the next level: the village’s school urgently needs to be expanded and the village needs a well to ensure access to clean drinking water.

Our partners

We rely on our partners to realize our goals for the young Massai.

The Munich Soccer School educates young soccer players athletically and personally. For “Kick for Life”, the school has used its contacts.

The renowned design agency DWORAK UND KORNMESSER OHG from Munich planned and designed the appearance of our projekt “Kick for Life” with us and put it online.

Together with PANGU and YOU, we want to make Carsten and Matias’ project a success story!

Help and enable a better future for children in one of the poorest regions of the world.

Our local partner: The initiative “Africa Amini Alama” has been active in Tanzania since 2007 and can build on a lot of trust there.

SABABU SAFARIS combines conservation, communities and sustainable travel. It supports our project on the ground.

The project focuses on access to education and healthy nutrition in a region suffering from malnutrition.

Our supporters

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"Soccer has given personally me a lot. Now I want to give some of that back."

Carsten Altstadt (30)