The largest private soccer school is our hometurf. We are grateful for the help and support in all areas. The provider of a wide variety of programs and courses in the field of sports and soccer is now at home all over the world.


Through soccer we came together with the design agency DWORAK UND KORNMESSER OHG. When we told Annette Kornmesser about our project, she was immediately enthusiastic about it and offered us her help with the brand development and the complete external presentation. From the logo, to all information materials, to the website, the agency does everything “pro bono” and also free of charge. The entire DK team is very proud, that it was able to reach many supporters and “make a difference” through its design.


With the Munich-based start-up for sustainable fashion, we have not only gained a strong partner, but also a real friend. Pangu supports us in the area of fashion and produces our merchandise clothing on demand. In the spring of the year 2023, the second collection was released in support to Kick for Life and its cause.

Africa Amini Alama

Our partner and supporter in Tanzania stands on our side and helps us with their experience to realize our projects. For many years Cornelia and Christine Wallner have been implementing various projects that contribute to the education, health and social stability of the population of Tanzania. Schools, wells and hospitals were built, jobs were created and orphaned children were given a home. They provide prospects for the future.

Sababu Safaris

At Sababu, “Travel with Purpose” is not just a conventional slogan, but a reality. Every Safari helps remote communities. They suppliy them with solar lights and water filters. It’s also worth mentioning, that without Executive Director Denise Brown, Kick for Life would not exist today. Carsten’s sister-in-law and her love for Africa is at the heart of Carsten’s engagement for children in Masaailand. Sababu’s local connections serve cultural exchange and make sure that visitors can experience exciting adventures.


Our new family member has his home in Kenya near the border to Uganda. We would like to support the recently founded association and provide our insights to help them with their work in Kenya. The focus of our common project is access to education, health-care and food in a region marked by malnutrition. We would like to share our rich experience of Africa Amini Alama with Malaika, so we can write a similar success story in Kenya.